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    Product Characteristics
    1Fullest lineupvarious models to choose
    2Good qualityhigh quality reinforced PP and high grade butyl diaphragm to meet the national health standard and rules
    3Rustlessfood grade PP and rubberno metallic pollution
    4High pressure resistanceour goal isthere is no 99it is 1 00guarantee
          Each product has passed 1 MP pressure test before it goes to the market
    5Odorlesseach part used ln contact with drinking water Is made by food grade material
    6Long lasting productemployed patented technique by installing stainless steel water connector
          which overcome the split problemTaken thousands times of Iife test
    7Technological innovationGuangyue owns a number of invention patents and utility model patents
          Our plastic storage tanks have the advantages of practicalfunctionalenvironmentallysafe to ensure our customers having a wide selection

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